Our Story...

The idea for The Grainary started in 2013 when our founder, Laura Ross, heard of human trafficking for the first time when someone mentioned that her family should convert the barn on their new property into a house for survivors. At the time, she didn't know the full extent of what God was calling her to. But God wouldn't let it go and over time has deeply rooted a dream in Laura’s heart that we are starting to see come to fruition. Over the years she has gained ground, understanding, and experience working with survivors. Out of her deep desire to do something, The Grainary was born.


At The Grainary, we create delicious baking. But delicious isn't good enough for us. We bake to see human trafficking in Ontario and Canada eradicated. We bake to see survivors believed in, valued, and given the opportunity to rebuild their lives.


Everything is made with high-quality ingredients, choosing local whenever possible and prioritizing organic flour, sugar, and eggs in all our baked goods. We believe that good food brings people together and creates community when shared.


But at The Grainary, it’s so much more than that. Every purchase helps us employ survivors of human trafficking and funds two safe homes for these women as they do the hard work to create a new life for themselves. Next time you’re in need of baking, we invite you to join us in this survivor support work by choosing The Grainary.